Zero Waste Design is so much FUN

Happy Spring! We have been busy at dusk brooklyn incubating at the Brooklyn Fashion Accelerator and creating our first Zero Waste Design Collaboration made of the cashmere scraps of  Slow Fashion Vintage Cashmere LA based designer Stella Neptune. Giving a new life to existing material, repurposing, upcycling, using all the resources that are available around us, that's why Zero Waste is so much fun.  

The Zero Waste Cashmere Bangles or familiarly known as the softy wrist warmers were born this past Winter to close a gap between your sleeve and your glove, to keep your comfy and warm on your city or nature walks.  They make people wonder what kind of fun sweater you are wearing when they see them beautify with their color and texture the end of your jacket sleeves. They make lookers ask you "Who made these" when they spot them nested on your wrists as the sofest bracelet bangles that you would ever get to wear. Lucky them,  they were featured right at birth on two amazing blogs Swissmiss and on Velojoy.

Check them out at dusk brooklyn and follow us on Instagram.  Adopt them wherever you are in the world, in between seasons, starting the cold season, spending tons of fun time outdoors on slopes, climbing rocks, hiking beautiful paths, on your bike or working in your garden. Free global shipping in April.  Spread the Zero Waste Design phenomenon and join the Fashion Revolution now!

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