Happy Walking!

dusk or crépuscule en français, because at dusk, a woman needs to cover her shoulders with a versatile long cape with slits or an irradescent Roberto overcoat inspired from the 1980s made locally in brooklyn and queens by dusk. or else at dusk, she needs to uncover her shoulders and jump into her Thelma & Louise culotte reminescent of late 1960s women's empowerment. Because no matter what, the night is young and long enough from dusk to dawn.  That's what we do at dusk brooklyn nested in Pratt's Brooklyn Fashion Accelerator (BF+DA) in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, we design ways to bring more authenticity and versatilty to our lives with simple garments that enhance natural elegance and je-ne-sais-quoi.  At dusk we marry vintage styles with new ideas, we make sustainable fashion with intemporal lines of clothing in a very simple and authentic manner with a local team of makers who were just trained to make sustainable locally made fashion in the 1970s and saw lots of their makers' dreams leave to lower production cost places in the Far East.

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