Hello! This is dusk brooklyn, look around and imagine

We are a small team of eco-designers and sustainable entrepreneurs fascinated in pure lines, clean cuts and naturally elegant shapes.  Capes, overcoats, culottes are our specialties.  Sleevless pullovers and knitted capes and crocheted cloaks.  We are captivated with the revival of patterns from the 1940s, 60s and 90s.  With our small network of local sustainable pattern makers and seamstresses - the Golden Girl Sewing club - women and men who were fashion students in the 1970s when most fashion making and sourcing was local and highly praised for the quality of their creation.  We design and cut at BF+DA - Pratt's Brooklyn Fashion Accelerator.  We share innovative ways of making garments and have the same passion to track the origin of our fabric including the fiber and the age and working conditions of our weavers.